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The purpose of this proposal

The purpose of this proposal is to research and conduct a study on the consequences of binge drinking and alcohol abused among college campuses . Our studies will also investigate what strategy’s college campus are implementing to regulate the consequences of excessive drinking and underage drinking in college campus across American .

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Why Dating Older Men Appears Boring & What You're Missing in the Event That You Do Not

Ann" is a 50-something only woman, using online relationship. She's looking for a benaughty review, passionate and interesting man. The majority of guys who are contacting her are older dudes; such as in their 60s. Dating older guys seems so freaking boring to her.

In a Facebook post, Ann recently asked why elderly men seemed so dull and just like they did not have a lifetime. (Remember that the girls participating on my private Facebook page range in age from their late 30s to 70s.) I hear this frequently because I specialize in helping women over 40 discover love. I am so happy to answer this question.

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